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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in an Amanae session?

An Amanae session usually begins with 10-15 minutes talking with the practitioner, during which an intention will be set for the session before getting onto the table.
As the practitioner works on 'doorways' on your body they will invite you to bring your awareness and your breath into the place they are working. You may experience an intensifying of sensation, stuckness, pain, love, energy; there might be pleasant or unpleasant emotions or memories that arise, coming up to be witnessed and eventually digested and released. What is important to remember is that anything that arises will be welcomed and worked with as part of your process. The practitioner will always begin on your heart area and end the session with an integration involving your heart.
They will leave you to rest for a while after the work on the table, before checking in with you before you leave.

How long is a session & how much does it cost?

Generally sessions last between one and one and a half hours. Some practitioners may offer longer sessions, and sometimes full day or multi-day workshops are offered. Prices are variable, depending on experience levels and location. Please visit practitioner websites for more information.

What do I need to bring to an Amanae session?

Please bring a bottle of water to the session.

Will I need to undress?

Amanae sessions are usually done skin-to-skin, but clients are covered by a sheet (and blankets if it is cold), revealing only the area of the body that is being worked on. It is possible to work through thin clothing if required.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for receiving Amanae?

Amanae is a healing modality that is accessible to all ages. Minors must be accompanied by a parent. Some practitioners may require that parents have a session themselves prior to making a booking for a child. Please check with individual practitioners before making a booking for someone under 18, as some practitioners may work with adults only.

How quickly do the changes happen?

Each person will experience changes to their lives at a pace that is appropriate for them. The work continues to be processed by the body and the psyche during the days, weeks, and months afterwards.

For some people this will be a slow emergence of new feelings, thoughts, experiences and impulses, and for others there may be specific “aha” moments that bring about immediate and obvious change. For many, it will be a combination of both. Even a single session can awaken Amanae clients to previously dormant aspects of themselves that offer an opportunity for change.

How many Amanae sessions do people normally need and how often?

From one session to a lifetime of sessions and everything in between. There is always an invitation to go deeper, the question of how many sessions really lies with the individual, as there will always be another layer to explore. The frequency of sessions can be discussed with your practitioner. A good question to ask is “what does my heart want?” and to let the heart lead.

Do Amanae Practitioners UK offer online sessions?

Some UK practitioners also offer online sessions. These are not the same as the physical bodywork and may use a combination of techniques, but the intention is to work in a similar way to bring people into their bodies using their breath and attention and to meet the emotions that are being held. UK practitioners who offer online work at the moment are Claudia Torres and Susie Chassagne. Please contact them directly for further details.

What happens in Amanae Workshops UK?

Amanae workshops tend to bring a more intensive experience, not only because of the time invested, but also through the group dynamic. Each day, participants are teamed up in pairs and they take it in turns to either be on the table or standing and supporting their partner while the Amanae Practitioner team work from table to table.

Participants are partnered together using an intuitive technique. The logic of each pairing usually becomes apparent throughout the day, since they often share common experiences or one person may represent the energy of someone significant in the other person’s life. Thus, old relational patterns can be resolved by allowing the associated emotions to be expressed and released.

At first sight it might appear that only the person on the table is receiving the work, but in fact the experience can be just as impactful for the supporting person, who keeps a hand on their partner at all times and becomes part of the energetic flow.

The Amanae Practitioners activate the doorways on participant’s bodies and guide and support them to reach the fullest expression of their experience. Time is allocated between sessions for people to share their experiences and to discover the inter-connected aspects of the group dynamics

A minimum requirement for workshop attendance is to have experienced an individual session with an Amanae Practitioner.

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