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Welcome to Amanae UK

Here you will find information about Amanae Bodywork, Certified Amanae Practitioners in the UK, Frequencies of Brilliance and Certified Frequencies Practitioners in the UK. You will also find information about forthcoming trainings and workshops

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What is Amanae?
Amanae is a form of therapy performed on the body that helps people to grow and develop emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. A simple way of understanding the work is to say that it helps people to bring the love from their hearts to heal their wounded places in the same way that a loving parent would tend to an upset child.

Many people have not had the fortune to experience consistent loving care in early life, so Amanae is not only a way of healing old wounds, but it also helps build inner resources so people can take care of themselves and encounter others in a more loving way. All emotional states are welcome, whether it's panic, anger, grief, trauma, despair, pain, relationship issues, love, fear childhood issues, longing or chronic fatigue.

Why might I need it?
The body holds on to emotions from life experiences that have been too overwhelming or painful to deal with, and those emotions wait patiently to be met so that they can be processed and released. Even though in some cases these emotions might not be apparent in daily life, the chances are that they are having quite an impact, leaving people feeling stagnant, unhappy, or unable to experience life in its fullest sense.

How does it work?
Amanae Practitioners UK are trained to help clients to connect with their body and heart energy by working on specific areas of the body, known as "doorways". These doorways, found all over the body, could be considered to be a little bit like plug sockets, and the practitioner activates them using movements, breath, and sound in order to connect with the energy and emotions that are being held underneath.

Each Amanae session begins by igniting the client's heart energy which is always the first doorway to be activated. This heart energy is then channelled into different parts of the body using the breath to open other doorways. Once a doorway has been activated, the Amanae Practitioner accompanies the client as they feel whatever feelings have come up until resolution is reached. As the emotion held in the doorway is cleared people often feel a sense of opening or expansion, which might feel physical, energetic or both.

About Amanae. amanae_uk_title_a

These internal shifts are then reflected in daily life as old limiting patterns of behaviour and relating fall away. Deeper, more loving connections are formed, not only inwardly, but also with other people, earth and spirit. These changes, which can transform lives, can continue to unfold over months and even years.

Amanae Practitioners UK are here to support you on your journey home to yourself.

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